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Green Plumber Tips

You can save water in your shower several ways. The obvious one is to take shorter showers, but by fitting low-flow attachments to your shower, you can save an amazing amount of water, saving money and energy in the bargain.

You want figures? OK, a low-flow shower head will save around
3,000 gallons of water for each person every year!

Oil Tank Locating

Oil Tank Location Service

Home Evaluation

These are the things that will happen during a home evaluation.

Check List:

Water Main Leak

City Water Pressure

Toilet Volumes

Hot Water Temperature

Shower Head Volumes

Leaky Tap & Toilets

Aerator Volumes

Lawn Sprinklers

Hot Water Tank Leaking

Earth Quake Recommendations

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Green Plumber Tips

Your water heater is probably set to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You can reset it lower to 120 degrees and still have all the benefits.

However, your water heating costs will drop by up to 10% and the environment will benefit from lower energy consumption.